We work with the world’s leading philanthropists to safeguard future generations.

"Effective Giving is the best resource in the world if you want to do the most good with your philanthropy" 

- Prof. William MacAskill, Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Oxford and author of Doing Good Better.


Effective Giving connects philanthropists with outstanding giving opportunities to protect future generations.


We focus on global challenges for humanity’s future, such as safely navigating synthetic biology and advanced artificial intelligence. We also work to foster a society with a more long-term outlook by funding social science research and improved institutional decision-making. 


From dinner discussions to weekend-long retreats, we host regular events that bring together major philanthropists and leading experts in our focus areas. 


We work with a variety of partners and membership organisations who share our mission to safeguard future generations.


We are keen to hear from philanthropists who would like to work with us. We also have exciting open opportunities to join the Effective Giving team. 

We are also excited to announce our upcoming re-name to Longview Philanthropy. Our soon-to-be name reflects our deep commitment to maintaining a focus on long-term issues.


For enquiries, please contact natalie@effectivegiving.org.