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Philanthropy that tackles the world's most pressing problems

Effective Giving supports major philanthropists who are committed to giving as effectively as possible, and passionate about connecting with like-minded donors.

Effective Giving supports major donors who are committed to maximising the impact of their philanthropy, and passionate about connecting with like-minded peers.

We connect our members with world-class researchers and leading foundations; provide strategic advice and funding recommendations; and run invitation-only retreats.

Our mission is to help our members find - and fund - the most promising solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

We work closely with researchers at the University of Oxford, and are currently advising the UK's youngest self-made billionaire on his philanthropy.


Founder and CEO

Sophie Thomson

Head of Operations

Simran Dhaliwal

Managing Director

Oliver Base 

Grants Analyst


Kit Harris

Grants Analyst

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For enquiries, please contact sophie@effectivegiving.org.

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