Charlie Petty  

Biosecurity advisor

Charlie is the co-founder of Adjuvant Capital, which manages a $300m venture capital fund focused on life sciences technologies for high burden public health challenges. Previously, he was with the Global Health Investment Fund, an experimental investment vehicle formed by JP Morgan and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to his career investing in global health research and development, he was a private equity investor at Artemis.
Charlie serves on the boards of Codagenix, Curevo Vaccine, and VitriVax and as a board observer or advisor for Minervax, Frontier Nutrition, ChromaCode, and Excision Biotherapeutics. Charlie was previously involved with Alydia Health (acq. by Merck) IanTech (acq. by Carl Zeiss), and EuBiologics (KOSDAQ IPO).

Charlie Spent the first two years of his career in Haiti as a financial analyst at the country’s largest microfinance bank, Fonkoze.

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