• Head of Operations & Events 

    Applications are now closed for this position.


    About Effective Giving UK


    Effective Giving UK's mission and activities

    Effective Giving UK is a non-profit based in London and Oxford. We support major donors who are committed to maximising the impact of their philanthropy through our research, grantmaking and advisory work. We currently advise donors in Europe, North America and Asia, whose giving capacity ranges from $1 million p.a. to the majority of $1 billion. We focus on work to safeguard future generations and have an extensive network of research advisors across fields including advanced AI, biosecurity and global priorities research. One of our advisees, Ben Delo, is the UK’s youngest self-made billionaire and has signed the Giving Pledge - pledging to donate the majority of his wealth to “funding work to safeguard future generations and protect the long-term prospects of humanity”. Ben has also entered into a co-funding partnership with Open Philanthropy, which was facilitated by Effective Giving UK.


    Alongside advising donors on where to give, we conduct outreach and connect major philanthropists to relevant research and experts in order to share the concepts behind effective altruism and longtermism with them. Our outreach ranges from weekend-long retreats to events hosted adjacent to top global tech conferences to small, highly curated dinners.


    Effective Giving UK’s team culture

    We're a collaborative, dedicated, supportive and positive team, all really motivated by the work that we do and the impact we can have. The intellectual and practical project of effective altruism informs and motivates us all. We are an ambitious start-up with a culture of clear communication, feedback, ownership over our work and a strong focus on outcomes. We're really excited to be expanding our team with this role and welcoming someone new to Effective Giving UK.



    The responsibilities for this role will vary by experience, but are likely to include:


    • Events Strategy: Mapping out potential Effective Giving UK events, assessing the value of various events and prioritising the highest-value calendar of events to execute. The ideal candidate will be part of the senior team contributing to strategy and will have full responsibility over our events programme.

    • Creating and following project plans for a variety of events for major philanthropists, including understanding the goals of each event and creating agendas to match.

    • Selecting and communicating with venues, vendors, speakers and UHNWI attendees.

    • Managing and tracking the budget for each event and evaluating each event’s impact.


    • Operations Strategy: Leading on reviewing and improving all of our operations, including but not limited to our payroll/accounting/HR/legal systems. The ideal candidate will be part of the senior team contributing to strategy and will have full responsibility over our operations.

    • Working closely with our Operations colleague to oversee general office operations, upgrade the workspace, and continually improve internal processes.

    • Anything/everything: We are a small team and you are likely to also spend time on non-events tasks such as proofreading, researching and writing summaries on various topics and much more. 

    • Potentially: Registering Effective Giving as a UK charity; including learning about the process, sourcing lawyers, communicating key requirements to the team.

    • Potentially: Leading on gaining a visa sponsorship licence for Effective Giving UK. 

    The successful candidate will report to Effective Giving UK’s Managing Director.


    Who Should Apply for This Role?


    The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following attributes:


    • Self-starter: A demonstrated ability to execute multiple projects without significant oversight and a track record of improving systems/ informing strategy. There is high potential for autonomy in this role. 

    • Excellent communication skills: For liaising externally with our advisees, vendors and speakers and for liaising internally with the team. 

    • Highly organised: Demonstrated ability to juggle multiple projects with competing deadlines and priorities.

    • Familiarity with effective altruism: We are a mission-driven organisation and familiarity with the concepts of effective altruism and longtermism are important as they guide our content, work and strategy. 

    • Existing right to work in the UK.


    • Experience in organising events: Experience in owning the entire process (planning, execution, follow-up, review). Desirable but not essential: Past experience running retreat-style or conference-style events and/or polished, high-end events. (Note: if you think you are an excellent fit for this role but don’t have significant events experience, we strongly encourage you to apply or reach out to simran@effectivegiving.org to discuss.)

    • Problem-solver: Someone who enjoys working on many different things, having to learn about best practices in areas they might not have previous experience in.

    • Team player: Willingness to do unglamorous tasks with a positive attitude to ensure success (we’ve all collected printing from Ryman’s and done similarly unglamorous tasks!).


    Salary, Benefits and Location

    • This role is in-person, full-time and London based. We have an office in the beautiful, plant-filled Second Home Spitalfields

    • Starting salary of £40,000-£60,000, with some flexibility for exceptional candidates.

    • Benefits include generous paid vacation time, equipment budget, training budget, well-being budget, private healthcare (Bupa) and dental care and a well-stocked office fridge. 

    • We also have flexible working and some team members regularly work from home. We would request that new colleagues work from the office for the first c. 3 months to ensure a smooth onboarding period. We typically work regular hours (c. 9am-6pm) but occasionally work beyond this when important, time-sensitive projects require it; we have a preference for candidates willing to respond to occasional requests outside of regular hours.


    Application Process

    • First stage: CV, short application form & standardised test

      • Deadline: Midnight BST, Friday 17 July 2020.

      • Once you have submitted the short application form and emailed your CV to jobs@effectivegiving.org, you will be emailed the next working day with instructions to complete the online standardised test. 

    • Second stage: Work task

      • Depending on the number and suitability of applicants there will be one or two remote work tasks. The first work task will take around 2 hours. 

      • Timeline: We aim to have this stage complete by c. 31 July.

    • Third stage: In-person interview (physical distancing guidelines dependent)

      • Timeline: We aim to have this stage complete by c. 14 August.

    • Fourth and final stage: In-person c.1 week work trial

      • We recognise an in-person trial is a significant ask. Compensation will be provided to all candidates who complete a work trial (£1,000/working week). We are very keen to work with the final candidate(s) to ensure they are able to complete a work trial and aim to be flexible and accommodating. 

      • Timeline: We aim to conduct our in-person trials w/c 17 August, w/c 24 August and w/c 31 August. Please let us know if you won’t be available during these dates, we will aim to arrange alternative dates.

    • The starting date for the position will be determined together with the successful applicant. However, we are looking to hire as soon as possible.

    • Email jobs@effectivegiving.org with any questions. 

    • Effective Giving UK is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our organisation. We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. We are happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all to our workplace. Please contact us to discuss adjustments to the application process.



For enquiries, please contact natalie@effectivegiving.org.